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Gail Buggy is an incredibly high energy person and her life's work is to craft her energy, passion, vision and joy into works she calls "visual poetry".     

She feels strongly that it's the  job of an artist to witness our "impossibly exquisite world" and interpret it in a very personal and meaningful way, capturing and highlighting the breathtaking beauty around us. 

Gail is a contemporary artist, Mother, Comedian and Activist living in Ridgefield, CT.  Currrently a Resident Artist at RPAC Gallery and studios in Ridgefield. She studied Studio Art at the University of New Hampshire and Oxford Brookes University in the UK while pursuing her Bachelor's. She has also taken classes at Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan and studied photography at the International Center of Photography in Manhattan. Currently she is a resident Artist at RPAC Arts Center in Ridgefield, CT. 

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